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okay. i know it's a lot going on, but turn your attention to ms. reyes. >> boys and girls, we are
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going to read grades. we have been talking about the government and upcoming election. so we will read our book. i love the way i see table one. everybody's eyes are on me. what a great job. "grace for president." one monday mrs. barrington rolled out a big post wer all the presidents on it. grace could not believe her eyes. where are the girls!
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that's a very good question, says mrs. barrington. the truth is, our country has never had a woman president. no girl president? ever! >> no, i'm afraid not, said mrs. barrington. >> grace sat down at her desk. no girls. whatever heard of such a crazy thing. finally she raised her hand. >> scholars from uc berkeley, we talked about how very special we were. we tell you all the time you are special. the mayor, of all the other schools in san francisco, chose to come. and uc berkeley. so the mayor will talk to you a little while. all of our attention is which way?
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>> well, good morning everyone. >> good morning. >> i want to first begin by thanking your teacher, ms. mayes, for letting me come and be part of your class room today. of course your principal for letting us come to be part of your earthquake preparedness day. how many people know what today is? go ahead? what is that? okay. well, yes. [ indiscernible ] >> that is right. we call it the great earthquake drill. yes. we are getting ready. did you know -- let me give you numbers. 56,000 students in our school district are all participating at the same time. in the cities, 322,000
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people are part of this drill, yes. then in the state of california 9.3, from los angeles, san diego, san francisco, all participating in this earthquake drill. that is pretty big large numbers of people that are joining all of you. don't you feel special? yeah, everybody is doing this. i have to my left and right are really important department heads. our chief of police is to my left. he is participating and has a lot of staff to support this effort. we have our fire chief. did you know? you reading from the book, grace for president, she is our female chief of our fire department. to her right is rob, the head department of our
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department of emergency management. one of the most important departments that's working with police and fire and connected up with the whole state with our school system, school board, principals and students to organize and make sure we are prepared for the next earthquake or emergency. this is why we have the great california shakeup drill. this is why we are doing it all over the state. we have to be a little better prepared. how many of you think that you're prepared for the next earthquake at home? yeah? do you think you have some emergency supplies ready? everybody has a flashlight? what do you have to have to make sure the flashlight works. >> batteries. >> that's right! hopefully when you go home ask your parents, your mom
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and dad in the house do they have extra supplis in case there's an earthquake. how many of you will be willing to do that today when you go home? we greatly appreciate it. that will make you feel safe and your household. you have to have preparations and be ready for things. that is why we do these drills. practice, practice and practice, keep talking to each other. sometimes i may not be here. in a few years might be a new mayor, new chief of fire and police. people, should they forget? >> no. no, they should not forget about being prepared . this is why we do these every year. we have a lot of events in between to make sure everybody is working. because we want you all to be safe. we want you to grow up. we want you to be really
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successful, have the best jobs in the world. but we have to take care of things that might hurt us and be prepared. in an earthquake or emergency, it could hurt us or a member of your family, your household if we are not prepared and getting ready to recover right off the bat. is that a good message for everybody to bring back home? will you do that for me? thank you very much. it is greatly appreciated. i want to thank ms. reyes for this opportunity to be with you. our school district and our -- and members of our school board are here too to oversee and make sure we use everything in every class room. by the way, one of the reasons i came to the uc berkeley -- yes. >> like uc berkeley? >> i like it. i graduated from uc berkeley too. [applause] >> law school. that is where i went.
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are we ready? >> that was the -- go back into our routine. it may happen when we are doing our regular thing. we will continue as we are and when we hear that, we do what we always do, okay. thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. we actually maybe will stick around. we are interested to see whether grace does become president. how many know we are voting for president of the united states? >> go obama. >> yeah, i will take a pass on it. thank you very much for all of your attention, for making sure you asked the right question when you go home tonight. we appreciate that you take responsibility. you will be a great friend to your class mates and good family member and good citizen of san francisco.
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thank you very much. good job, you did great. >> great in your uniforms as well. >> we are uniforms as well. >> love the stars they are all wearing. >> for third grade, very attentive. thank you for letting us come into your class room. you can ask questions or continue with the story. whatever your teacher would like. >> ask questions if you'd like. this is an opportunity. >> how old are you? >> how old am i? can you guess? >> 95? [ laughter] >> can you not guess! [ laughter] >> only third grade. >> close, close. i'm 60. and she's 48. >> in between. [ laughter] >> i was -- so you will remember this, i was born in the year of the dragon.
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>> oh yeah! that is how i have fun when it comes to numbers and it comes to age. >> we all have different jobs. we all have specific things. the fire department puts out fires and rescues people. the police department keeps everybody safe. what my department does is help everybody know what everybody else is doing and kind of orchestrate the whole thing. so we run the emergency operation center. we do a lot of communications. we talk to a lot of people. >> so he has a special place. >> you know, we all have --

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